All Axis Machining, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the marquis innovator and manufacturer of heat sinks and other thermal management components and accessories in the electronics industry.

Over the years, our company has developed and offered a comprehensive set of standard and custom heatsink cooling solutions for all types of electronic packages. Heatsink solutions for these packages also include a variety of standard, optional accessories and labor savings products to help maximize all available performance and manufacturing and economic factors. We produce many standard and custom heatsinks for (but not limited to):

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  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • CPU’s/Microprocessors
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Hard Drives
  • IGBT’s
  • LED’s
  • Resistors & Power Transistors
  • Surface Mount Components
  • Thermoelectric Coolers
  • EMI/RFI Shielding


  • TO-220, TO-218, Multi-watts
  • Surface Mount, TO-3, TO-247
  • TO-264, TO-3P TO-5 Packages
  • IGBT’s
  • Rectifiers
  • Amplifiers
  • Thermoelectric / Peltier Devices

Types of Heatsinks & Accessories

  • Extruded
  • Stamped
  • Skived
  • Radial
  • Bonded Fin
  • Folded Fin
  • Heatpipe Assemblies
  • Machined
  • Liquid Cooled
  • Heatsink Accessories
    • Thermal Interface Material
    • Attachment Methods
      (Clips, Double sided tapes, etc.)

All Axis uses a total system design methodology approach towards developing thermal solutions. This simply means that our engineers consider all the interdependent variables (e.g. available airflow, manufacturing assembly, environmental, industrial shock and vibration requirements) prior to developing a solution. In-house thermal analysis capability insures that the early prototypes will meet the required cooling requirements.

In designing or selecting an appropriate heat sink that satisfies the required thermal and volumetric/geometric criteria, one needs to examine various parameters that affect not only the heat-sink performance itself, but also the overall performance of the system. Option of choosing a particular manufacturing style type of heat sink depends largely on the thermal budget allowed for the heat sink and external conditions surrounding the heat sink. Some of these internal and external variable/constraints include:

Physical Performance / Environment
Maximum Size of the heatsink Air Flow Approach velocity and cross sectional geometry
Appearance (Cosmetics) ---- Natural, low flow mixed and high flow forced convection
Weight of product) ---- Laminar or Turbulent flow regimes
Mounting Considerations ---- Flow Bypass / Fin Channel Velocity Dynamics
Orientation with Respect to Gravity Maximum Junction and Heatsink Temperature
Multiple Heat Sources Ambient Fluid Temperature
High Heat Flux Device Required Heatsink Thermal Resistance/Heat Dissipation
Cost Available Pressure Drop

The most optimum thermal solutions are best developed at the beginning of a project. Developing solutions in this manner helps to reduce the total design cycle time. Depending on the how these variables intersect, the heatsinks section process may be very simple and straightforward and only require minimal analysis and already standard product/solution that has already been tooled may already be available. However, we realize that unforeseen circumstances do occur during the design process that impact the original thermal cooling specifications. In these cases our engineering team is proficient in developing solutions for those after the fact situations.

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Copper Heatsinks

  • Maximum Heat Transfer Performance & Properties
  • Available in the following Manufacturing Technologies
    • Machined Fin
    • Wire EDM Fin
    • Cold Forged (Pin Fin)
    • Skived Fin
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Skived Heatsinks

  • Aluminum or Copper Material
  • Highest Cubic Density of Fins and Surface Area
  • Mostly Custom Designed Heatsinks
  • Very High Aspect Ratios
  • Very Thin Fins (0.008” – 0.2mm) thickness
  • Incorporates a variety of attachment methods (Push Pins, Clips, Screws, etc)
  • Can be Prototyped without Tooling Expense
  • Less Costly than machined Heatsinks
  • Sometimes used as a bonded fin or folded fin replacement
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Radial Tower Heatsinks

  • True Omnidirectional Design
  • Copper or aluminum Materials
  • No Tooling Costs
  • Epoxy Mount or Integrated Spring Mount Designs
  • Low profile designs with maximum surface areas
  • Optimized fin spacing designs
  • Center Post design can be optimized for optimum air flow dynamics
  • Center Post Conducts uniformly to all fins maximizing thermal performance
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Bonded Fin Heatsinks

  • Bonded Fin heat is a hybrid manufacturing technique where the cooling fins are bonded or soldered into a base material.
  • This method allows for several advantages over extruded heatsinks:
  • High Fin Aspect Ratios (+40:1) for improved surface area availability
  • Large Footprints (up to 60x48”)
  • Fins and Base can be dissimilar metals in Same Design for improved performance
  • Selective Fin Location for Reduced Machining Cost and Hardware Access as the base can be machined separately from assembly.
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Folded Fin Heatsinks

  • Folded Fin heatsinks use corrugated sheet metal bonded to either a stamped or machine base.
  • Lightest weight of all heatsink manufacturing methods
  • Aluminum or Copper Material
  • Fins and Base can be dissimilar metals in same design (e.g. copper base and aluminum fins)
  • Highest Cubic Density of Fins and Surface Area
  • Mostly Custom Designed Heatsinks
  • Very High Aspect Ratios
  • Very Thin Fins (0.004” – 0.1mm) thickness
  • Various Fin types available are:
  • Plain Fins (Flat, Semi-Flt and Round Crest)
  • Lanced and Louvered
  • Ruffled & Herringbone
  • Can be Prototyped without Tooling Expense
  • Less Costly than machined Heatsinks
  • Sometimes used as a bonded fin replacement
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Heatpipe Assemblies

  • Custom Designed Assemblies where thermal solution is:
    • Space Constrained
    • High Heat Flux Cooling Application
    • Harsh Environments
    • Passive Cooling
  • Advantages of these designs have:
    • Very High thermal Conductivity
    • Flexibility for space limited chassis
    • Implement passive cooling Designs
    • Improved Heatsink Spreading resistance at the source and heat exchanger.
    • Higher operational life over active cooling solutions
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Cold Forged Heatsinks

  • Pure Copper And Aluminum Materials
  • Complex 3D geometry (elliptical, star, spiral, square, round) fins can be created.
  • Embedding copper heat spreaders into heat sink base.
  • Embedding of heat pipes into the heat sink base.
  • Assembly of fans to create a volumetrically efficient heat sink.
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Machined/Wire EDM Heatsinks

  • These machined / wire EDM heatsinks are often used for research and low volume applications.
  • Unlimited configurations are available
  • Not limited to aluminum and copper, but can include Iconel, and stainless steel material
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DC-DC Converter

  • 1/4 , 1/2 and Full Brick Designs
  • Longitudinal and transvers Designs
  • Straight Fin, X-Cut Fin, Cast or Forged Pin Fin
  • Aluminum or Copper
  • Custom Designs either from Existing Extrusion Profiles or new optimized extrusions
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Hybrid Hi-Density Heatsinks

  • Available only in Aluminum
  • Combines High Aspect ratio extrusions or skivved fin with a base fusing process to extend the width the heatsink to +60” without any thermal loses due to spreading resistance impairments.
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Liquid Cooled Heatsinks Or Cold Plates

  • Custom Designed Liquid Cooled Cold plates for High-heat flux electronic components
  • Designs include
    • Single pass flow through systems
    • Single Convoluted tube for multi passes on cold plates
  • Tubes are affixed into place with thermally conductive epoxy.
  • Cold plates are fly-cut and machined for maximum heat transfer.
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LED Heatsinks

  • Large Portfolio of Heatsinks for various applications:
    • Circular Heatsinks
    • Channel heatsinks
    • Fins Optimized for either Lower
  • Power or High Power LED’s.
  • Able to produce the necessary mounting hardware for both Low and High Bay, Cobra Heads, Floodlights, street lighting, Architectural, and other Luminaire applications.
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Thermally Conductive Composite Heatsinks

  • Thermally conductive Polymer Heatsinks
  • Non-electrically conductive
  • Lighter weight than aluminum or copper heatsinks
  • Custom Designs

Heatsink Accessories

Many products can be packed in tape and reel formats for use in automated pick-and place machines.

These accessories include attachment methods (clips and double sided tapes), thermal interface materials, and productivity saving hardware.

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Thermal Interface Materials

  • All Axis Machining provides a wide range of thermal interface material solutions, any of which can be factory applied to the heat sink. There are several categories of thermal interface material from which to choose from:
    • Thermal Compounds & Greases
    • Elastomeric Films & Gap Fillers
    • Phase Change Materials
    • Double sided Tapes.
  • Contact factory for details
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  • All Axis produces a wide variety of standard and custom clips to attached heat generating electronics to the heatsinks.
  • Clips Provide:
    • Uniform Pressure
    • Constant Interfacial Pressure
    • Labor Savings
    • Force regulated
    • Allow removal and separation of Heatsink and device if needed
    • Replace torqued hardware
  • Contact factory for details
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Mounting Hardware

  • All Axis Machining provides a wide range of mounting hardware to secure the device to the heatsink and the heatsink to the PCB
  • Contact factory for details
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Tape And Reel

  • All Axis Machining is able to provide many of its heatsinks in tape and reel format
  • Contact factory for details