This is an abbreviated list of products we make…but we are capable of doing much more!


Manufacturing Method/Types:  Extruded, Stamped, Skived, Machined, Cast, Cross-Cut, Heat-Pipe assemblies, Metal Injection Molded, Pin-Fin, Fan Heatsinks, Remote Heat Exchangers, Vapor Chambers, Bonded Fin, Folded Fin; Liquid Cooling, Active Cooling, Passive Cooling, Conduction Cooling
Materials:  Aluminum, Copper, CTE Matched Materials
Typical Applications:  Voltage Regulators, High Power Semiconductors, Lasers, LED, BGA’s, DC-DC Converters,
Microprocessors, Graphic Processors, RF amplifiers, Rectifiers, Enterprise Computer Systems, Medical Telecom, Transportation, Microwave Housings, IGBT Modules, Electrolytic Capacitors, TO-220, TO-3, TO-247, TO-5, Surface Mount Devices


Capabilities: Extruded from ¼” to 22” Wide, Aspect Ratios up to 22:1; Thin Walls (0.018”);
Proto-type runs as low as 100lbs Heatsink and Non-Heatsink Shapes Solid, Semi-Hollow and Hollow Dies.


 Capabilities: Gap Fillers, Phase Change, Thermally Conductive Greases, Electrically Insulating, thermally conductive materials (Elastomeric, BeO and Double Sided Tape, Putty, Ultra Conforming Materials.


 Typical Products: Insulators, Chip Nests & Sockets; Electrical Connectors & Insulators; Frames, Test Fixtures, Chip Carriers, Instrument Panels; Screens, Shields, Shims, Shrouds, Spacers & Stiffeners.
 Manufacturing Capabilities:  Routing Work Envelope: 60” X 120” x 1” (±0.001”) Precision Machining: Tolerances to ±0.0003” (0.006mm) Hole Diameters: 0.003” (0.076mm) Spindle Speed: Max 30K RPM
 Typical Materials:  Torlon, PEEK, Polyamide, FR-4/G-10/GPO and other Glass Filled Laminates (including PEEK), Vespel, Ultem, Nylon, Acetals, Acrylic, Phenolic


 Typical Products:  Custom Masking Plugs for Anodizing and Powdercoating.


 Typical Products: 

EMI &RMI Shielding, Spring Clips, Handles, Brackets, 

Lead-Frames, Terminals (Lugs), Buss Bar Mounts, Spacers, PCI Brackets, Wire Forms, Drawn Parts, Heatsinks, Face Plates



 Typical Products (Custom): 

Guide pins, springs, Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Shims, Anchors, Retainers, Flanges, Manifolds, Knobs, Handles, Bumpers, Grommets, U-Bolts, Eybolts, Channels, bushings, PCB Standoffs, Sleeve Bearings, shafts,




All Axis Machining Builds both standard and custom enclosures for electronic instrument applications. For a number of our customers, we will purchase NEMA boxes from the standard products line of existing customers and modify them in-house per our customers drawings. This is often a very cost effective way to obtain customized boxes for electrical / electronic applications.

 Typical Standard Products: 

1U, 2U, 3U Enclosures for 19” Racks (complete with handles, covers and customized face plates, back panels and PCB mounting panel. Good for either low or high volume applications. This is our most versatile enclosure designed for rack-mount and free standing applications.

Customized Enclosures and Hardware for 19” Racks

 Fully Customized Enclosures:   NEMA Boxes (Metal, Plastic or Fiberglass), Die Cast Boxes, Plastic Enclosures, Cabinets, 19” Racks, 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U Chassis
Modified Outsource: You pick the enclosure available from a existing supplier of enclosures and we will modify to your requirements. We will machine holes, make and apply any special mounting brackets, custom paint and silk screen the enclosures
Specialty Enclosures: Cold Walls, ATR Boxes, LRU Enclosures, ARINC


 Typical Products (Standard):

Build to Order Free Standing Units.

Stock Sizes are:

Features are:

 Typical Products (Custom):   Fully Customizable Shelters with the same features as the standard product, but engineered to be built into existing closets, under stairwells,


  Typical Products (Standard):  In some high powered Integrated Circuit (IC) designs there is a need for passive cooling via high performance conductive heats sinks that are CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) matched to the IC material. There are limitations of thermal conductivity or geometry possibilities for conventional materials. By using a correctly selected and assembled laminar heat sink structure, increased passive cooling via thermal conduction can be achieved.
   All Axis Machining Expertise is in machining these CTE matched materials. If your design requires, we can procure a tailorable CTE material where Semiconductor chips can be direct die attached to the substrate. Typical material we work with are Copper Graphite, Aluminum Graphite, Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSIC).