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5-Axis CNC Machining
All Axis Machining specializes in high accuracy,
tight tolerance CNC machining.

5-Axis Machine Features:
  • Largest Part Size: 49in x 47in x 40in (1245mm x 1194mm x 1016mm)
  • Positional Accuracy: +/- 0.00005 mm (0.000002")
  • On-Machine Probe Inspection
  • Temperature Controlled Coolant and Spindle for Improved Accuracy
  • Temperature Controlled Room
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Production Features Include:
    • Tool Lasers
    • Shrink Fit Tool Holders
    • 18K RPM Spindle Speeds
Industry Applications:
  • Microwave Housings, Waveguides, Gimbals, Filter Elements
  • Aerospace Parts
  • Graphite and Aluminum Composite (Including Thin-Walled Features & Prototypes)
  • Satellite, Optics, and Medical Instruments & Devices
  • Industrial and Power Generation (e.g. Solar) Applications

5 Axis CNC
Five Axis CNC Machining Five Axis CNC Machining Five Axis CNC Machining
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